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Live Demonstrations of Paoli "One-Step" Deboning

Visit Stephen Paoli International Corp; come to our factory.  Bring 35lbs to 40lbs of your desired input materials for trial in a Paoli "One-Step" Machine.  Contact us to set-up a date.
Visit not possible?  Contact us for other options.

For Information on Labeling, Product Use, Approvals, Governmental Regulations and more, please visit


Canadian Agriculture approval for installation of all PAOLI "One-Step" deboner, desinewer, and meat recovery system models has been recently updated. Government of Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency acceptance number: P007/01/03/26/01.

"Simplicity" long used as a description of PAOLI "One-Step" deboners doubly applies to the next generation of "One-Step" desinewers.

Stephen Paoli has re-designed their "One-Step" desinewer line to give processors texture, yields and through-puts available through no other equipment. The multiple model line of "One-Step" desinewers accomplish one pass recovery far in excess of any previouslyavailable yields. Coarse striated texture just like ground meat is returned without sinew or incidental cartilage. The compact machines can through-put from a few hundred pounds to over three tons per hour. PAOLI desinewing is simple, effective and quick. <br



Inventer-Innovator Stephen Paoli provides cost effective options utilizing the PAOLI seperation technologies to supply unique answers for some of the toughest processing challenges. Stephen Paoli understands that cookie cutter - off the shelf, existing answers do not solve special problems.

Applied PAOLI technologies assist crawfish processors in the seperation of meat from the shell. Other shellfish processing opportunities made possible by the PAOLI technology include processing lobster bodies, crab bodies, and crab trailing legs for production of ingredients and flavorings.

In addition to seperating meat and poultry from bone, PAOLI turns trimmings of meat and poultry into lean, sinew free ground product.

PAOLI innovation defats pork skins, improving gelatin processing time while making the fat available to pork processors in a more profitable form.

Customer answers from PAOLI improve processors' profits, lower processing plant maintenance and labor costs, control costs of waste removal and much more. Consult PAOLI for innovative seperation technology! PAOLI serves the meat, poultry, and fish industries; and processors of fruits and vegetables. Contact PAOLI for innovation.

Stephen Paoli International Corp.

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