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Meat Recovery Systems:

All grinder bone elimination devices divert meat. 1% to 1.5% of grinder input is removed by these grinders accessories. Only 15% of the bone elimination stream is bone, sinew or gristle; the remainder is meat!

Less Than Ideal Solutions:
Regriding of the bone elimination product through smaller plate opening can result in overworked meat. Plus the incidental bone chips will be seeded back into the meat, smaller in size and much more numerous than before. Regrinding affects quality control by reducing its effectiveness or possibly losing it altogether. Cycling of bone elimination discharge can reduce quality control effectiveness, increase heat at the grinder plate and also cause more down time for clearing the grinder plate and blade due to bone, gristle and sinew clogging.

Paoli in Action"One-Step" Meat Recovery Systems Provide The Best Solution:
Maintain the highest Q.C. standards by using the bone eliminator at full open. Recover the meat by employing "One-Step" meat recovery system to separate bone, gristle and sinew from the meat. Returned meat increases yields from more profit.

"One-Step" Models 22, 22-H, 19 and 19-H are available for meat recovery at very attractive prices. "One-Step" meat recovery systems quickly pay for themselves. Click here to see models

"One-Step" Meat Recovery 85% Rescue Rate
Significant amounts of meat can be rescued from the bone elimination scrap. Paoli "One-Step" meat recovery is really a profit recovery system. Assuming; 85% meat recovery, 65C/lb. meat value after recovery. "One-Step" Model 22 with accessories installed $25,000** here are the results:

Pounds per Day/PAOLI Recovery*

Pay Back From Bone Eliminator Scrap




Value $

Working Days













2 - 2/3








1 - 2/3


"One-Step" Meat Recovery Systems:

·  Four available models; 22, 22-H, 19, 19-H

·  Simple, easy to use, quick clean up

·  Durable, dependable, ultra low maintenance

·  Small, compact and efficient

Why Employ the Process?
Recover profit from material that is being scrapped. Improve quality. Some companies "regrind," however this results in final product being seeded with smaller bone pieces. PAOLI MEAT RECOVERY rescues meat leaving the bone and gristle behind.

* Estimates are based on experience, however actual operation variations may occur, thus results can be higher or lower.
**Price listed for example, check for current pricing when ordering Paoli “One-Step” Model 22.

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